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Having These Garage Door Problems?


Damaged Garage Door Panels

Damaged Door Panels

Broken Garage Door Spring

Broken Garage Door Spring

Cable and Drum Problems

Cable and Drum Problems


Damaged Rollers and Bracket

Damaged Rollers and Bracket


Garage Door Not Level


Door Falling Down


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Did you know the average garage door is opened and closed over 1500 times a year?

If your door has been installed for a few years, that is a lot of wear and tear on all moving and stationary components. It’s understandable that sometime during 13,476 cycles of operation, a garage door will be in need of repair.

If you are like most people, your garage door is used more than your door to your home so anytime it is not working properly; it can be a royal pain! We understand, your garage door can be out of commission because of broken springs, cables, worn out rollers, bent tracks, the door out of adjustment or maybe the automatic opener acting up right now. If this is the case, call us for the best options for your garage door repair in Toledo. We also install new garage doors so look no further, you can count on any one of our extensively trained specialists to take care of any problems.

In addition to installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors and garage door openers in the greater Toledo area, our highly trained professionals will be able to assess the situation and provide you the best options for getting your garage door back in operation. We will never try to sell you on something you don’t need. Our techs are instructed to assess any and all damage. They will discuss all available options and provide you with the best possible solution.

We Offer Affordable Garage Door Service

The timing is never good for your garage door to breakdown. It can be really frustrating because you were probably on your way to take the kids to school or headed off to work but now you have a broken garage door. No need to worry because we have been repairing garage doors in Toledo for many years. We are perfectly capable of handling your garage door emergency and with the sense of urgency that we know you will appreciate.

Affordable Garage Door Service

Affordable Garage Doors

We like to educate all our customers so you can make the best informed decision possible when it comes to repairs. After all, we believe an educated customer is a happy customer. You will also be happy to know we sell and service most overhead doors available on the market.

Most problems with garage doors can be addressed with basic technical repairs and not require replacing the whole door or even the automatic door opener. There are certain adjustments that can be made to the door, track, and opener or maybe a specific part needs to be replaced.

Garage doors can be very dangerous to work on even if you are skilled. Every year about 20,000 people suffer the effects from related garage door injuries. Most involve the door coming down on the individual and the other is getting fingers and hands in the tracks or door itself. You can never be too careful when it comes to the operation of garage doors.

Call Us For All Your Emergency Repair Or Service Needs

You need your garage door working properly because it is vital to security of your home as well as your daily routines of coming and going. Rest assured when you call the phone number below you will be getting the best garage door repair services in Toledo.

Garage Door Needs Emergency Repair

Time for emergency repair!

We specialize in replacing broken torsion and extension springs, frayed or broken cables, rollers track and hardware, door sections or panels, automatic openers and remotes. We can also service the door so it runs smoother, quieter and with less friction on moving parts to prevent early mechanical failure.

It’s a fact nothing lasts forever and that includes garage doors. When you think about how many times your door has traveled up and down, it’s probably been fairly reliable. Sometimes, they will go out with a big bang and if you are home when it does, the loud pop you heard was the torsion springs finally breaking. This happens but not very often. Most springs are rated to lift the door about 10,000 cycles. Perhaps, yours has reached its limit.

Whatever the problem is with your overhead door we would like to help solve the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible. We know you need to have access to your garage and its contents so let us take care of your problems and call our garage door company today. The sooner you call, the sooner you can relax!


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DICK’S AUTOMATIC DOOR CO performs Residential Garage Door & Opener Repairs as well as Installations in the Metropolitan Toledo Ohio area including the communities of…

SylvaniaMaumee, NorthwoodOregonPerrysburgBowling Green, Holland, Haskins, Lambertville, Luna Pier, Milbury, Monclova, Ottawa Lake, Rossford, Swanton, Temperance, Waterville, Whiteford Center, Whitehouse, Walbridge

We do provide service to outlying locations. They will be subject to a per/trip mileage charge. The outlying areas include Berky, Bowling Green, Blissfield, Delta, Erie, Genoa, Grand Rapids, Metamora, Neapolis, Petersburg, Tontogany


Other Cities and Zip Codes in our service area:

Harbor View, Samaria, Dunbridge, Riga, Lemoyne, Stony Ridge, Ida, Williston, Clay Center, La Salle, Curtice, Luckey, Martin, Monroe, Deerfield, Woodville, Pemberville, Graytown, Elmore, Palmyra, Gibsonburg, Liberty Center, Lindsey, 43402, 43408, 43412, 43414, 43416, 43430, 43431, 43432, 43434, 43441, 43442, 43443, 43445, 43447, 43450, 43460, 43463, 43465, 43468, 43469, 43504, 43522, 43525, 43528, 43532, 43537, 43540, 43542, 43547, 43551, 43552, 43558, 43560, 43565, 43566, 43571, 43601, 43602, 43603, 43604, 43605, 43606, 43607, 43608, 43609, 43610, 43611, 43612, 43613, 43614, 43615, 43616, 43617, 43618, 43619, 43620, 43623, 43624, 43635, 43652, 43654, 43656, 43657, 43659, 43660, 43661, 43666, 43667, 43681, 43682, 43697, 43699, 48133, 48140, 48144, 48145, 48157, 48161, 48162, 48177, 48182, 49228, 49238, 49267, 49268, 49270, 49276







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